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The Home is family owned and run by Anne  & Andrew Stern who have each over 20 years experience in  the care sector. Anne supports the home and the staff in a pro-active way by regularly visiting the Home and e-meeting with the management team and staff as a whole.

Home Manager


Hello, I'm Mandie. I have a Leadership & Management in Care level 5  qualification as well as 10 years care experience.

The Senior Team

Our Senior Carers are responsible for running the care shifts. There are two shifts per day. They co-ordinate the Team,  ensuring staff are allocated to appropriate tasks throughout the day and organizing & administration medication, ensuring clients receive timely visits from local doctors &  nurses or attending hospitals  and clinics as needed. With their experience & skills, they are also responsible for monitoring the Care Team to identify practice that could be improved.

You can identify a Senior carer by their dark blue tunic.


Care, Kitchen, Domestic & Support Staff

The whole team who work at Catherine Miller House, makes it what it is. Every team member is selected for their commitment, dedication and loyalty to the profession. We have a great network of staff who are here for one reason, and that is to provide the highest standard of care for everybody who is a part of the Catherine Miller House family. 




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