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We have a stunning large, spacious garden that is used all year round! Filled with fruit trees and plants bordering the grounds.

The garden is well maintained and a host to many of our fetes/parties through out the year. Secluded & Private, the perfect place for relaxing in the summer sun.


Our bedrooms are decorated to a high standard and are clean, spacious & modern. We welcome individual tastes and room styles. Decorations can be changed by yourselves; it's your home after all, so we want you to feel as comfortable as possible here.

We have a total of 28 bedrooms, two of those are double rooms. All of which include an en-suite toilet & hand basin. 


This is one of our two spacious lounges in the home. Clean bright flooring through out.

We like you to be in control of your meal times. Menus are regularly changed; not through what's 'convenient' for us but through regularly held residents' meetings. You tell us what you'd like & we deliver.

We have two chefs in the home who cook great homely meals. With lots of experience and love for what they do; keeping meals delicious & tasty - without compromising on creativity.


Our conservatory is popular among the whole family;  Beautiful views of the garden & drenched in sun throughout the day - A relaxing place to wind down.

The conservatory is used by our in-house hairdresser, Penny on a Wednesday. Full of laughter and a warm atmosphere - Always.



Our beautiful Bathrooms are newly refurbished with assisted appliances to support those with mobility problems, from assisted hand-rails, to accessible bathtub. We ensure that  our residents are not only having a comfortable experience, we want it relaxing too. 

Meal Time


Our meals are made with love, so our residents feel like they are back at home. Who doesn't love a Sunday Roast? And they are not only delicious, but we take great care in all our residents food requirements. Whether it's a need for soft food, vegetarian or any allergies. 

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